Australian Assignment: Why Is It Different?

Australian Assignment- Why Is It Different?

It’s interesting to see how assignment writing has evolved in different educational systems. The concept is mostly taken from the UK system. British universities have always relied on academic writing, as one of the main evaluation procedures. The universities in the USA and Australia are no different.

Every professor wants to see an essay, case study, lab report, or another type of assignment.

What’s the point? Students hate writing assignments, and professors don’t seem too excited to read them. Why assign them, then? Well, an assignment conveys your interest into the topic. It also helps you develop important skills of factual argumentation. It doesn’t matter what profession you intend to pursue; you’ll only benefit from the skills of academic writing.

Global Academic Writing Services: Why Are They Tricky?

It’s not hard to find a random academic writing service. You’ll just ask Google, and it will take you to some websites that did well with marketing.
But should you hire a random writing service? No.

Allow us to explain: a Canadian, British, or U.S. writing service will not fully grasp your requirements. They have writers from their countries. Most services have international writers, who don’t even have English as their native language.

You’ll get an essay or another type of assignment by them. But it will not meet the criteria of your university in several aspects:

  • You might get the wrong format, which your professor doesn’t expect to see.
  • If you hire a British writer, the style will be too complex. If you hire an American writer, the style will be overly simplistic and stripped down of any intellectual form. If you hire a non-native speaker, you’ll get a paper full of grammar mistakes and unnatural sentence constructions.

When you consider hiring a writing service, the writer has to hold a degree obtained in your country. They’ve been at a university with the same standards that you have to follow. They know Aussie professors, and they know how to deliver content that looks natural.

Submitting a paper that looks strange is risky. The professor may suspect that you bought it online. They might not be able to prove it, but they will question you about it. It will be clear that you weren’t the writer if you didn’t maintain the Aussie style in it.

How Is an Australian Assignment Different?

Aussie assignments are different by a few factors:

  • There’s a difference between American, British, and Aussie English

“English is English” - that’s a statement that you’ll often hear by non-native speakers. But when Aussies find themselves among British speakers, they will be astonished by the fact that they don’t understand English.

American English is closer to your native Aussie speech, but it’s not quite there. Australians developed their own character with the English language. Some may mock it, but it’s beautiful and we should nurture it.

For example, if you order a paper from a British writer, you’ll see the word “lovely” a lot. British love a lovely cup of tea. But it’s not the usual way for Aussies to express themselves. They don’t like redundancy in their speech or writing.

  • The standards of writing differ between countries

British universities set high writing standards for their students. Professors want to see long, elaborate sentences with a lot of passive expressions throughout. If you read a paper written by British researchers, you’ll see what we mean.

American professors, on the other hand, want simplicity. They want short sentences and they sanction passive as if it was a crime. When you see an essay written by a college student from the USA, you get the impression that it was written by someone in high school.

Australian standards are somewhere in between. The professors here do not like redundant phrases and complex writing. However, they want you to elevate your style above high-school standards. They want to see some eloquence in your assignments.

  • The format may be different

Each professor has their own requirements. An essay is an essay, right? Not quite! In the U.S., the essay strictly commits to the 5-paragraph rule. British students maintain a more liberal format, which is guided by the depth and importance of their arguments. They don’t have to write three arguments in three paragraphs. They usually write longer papers with multiple paragraphs.

Australian students get different requirements. They may vary from one university to another. In most cases, professors prefer the American model of more structured writing. But that might not be your case. Maybe your teacher asked you to write a very specific paper. That’s why you should hire a custom writing service, which will follow your precise requirements.

  • Australian Assignments Are Based on Questions

British and American assignments are usually based on general topics. For example, the professor will assign the topic “Cybersecurity,” and the student will have to narrow it down to a more precise topic.

In Australia, the students usually get assignments in the form of a question. Here’s an example: “How did cybersecurity issues affect the use of social media among Australian youth?” You see the difference, right?

You get a specific assignment, which is impossible to generalize. Australian professors do this because they want their students to complete unique content. They don’t want them to use essay mills. They think of unique topics, and they change them every time. That’s why it’s important to hire a service that starts the writing process from scratch.

Relevance Is Important!

When foreign students come to study in Australia, they are surprised with the different academic writing standards. The assignments are not necessarily more difficult or easier. However, they slightly differ in format, style, and tone.

If you have to order a paper online, it’s important to collaborate with a writer who is trained to complete the work that you need. Ideally, this would be someone who obtained an MA or PhD degree from an Australian university. That’s the ultimate proof that they know how to handle your project.

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