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When a student invests in academic service, he expects to get his money’s worth. This goes for anything you purchase online. But, just like with anything else you buy, you need to check the provider and their reputation before you entrust them with your cash. This is even more important for people on a budget. Almost every student these days is on a budget. Unless they hire an Australian essay writer who knows his job, their investment will be worthless. They’ll have to spend more money to order from a different service, and only if the deadline allows for such action.

To avoid problems, students search for a high-rated, professional company. This is where we come. When you search for qualified writers online, is one of the first solutions you can find. Our website is very popular with students who need help with their papers. Why is our service more popular than others, you might ask? It is because we employ the best essay writers to complete our customers’ orders. benefits banner

Why our essay writers are the best

Every customer who comes to us requesting assistance receives the same amount of quality, impeccable customer service, and custom content from one of our essay writers. Our essay writers are the best in the midst because they share the same qualities: education, experience, and dedication.

Whenever we receive an order for a paper, we put it through a specific process. It starts by checking the requirements several times to ensure that we understand them. If something is unclear, we reach out to the customer to ask for more information.

If the essay writer understands the instructions, he proceeds with the research. We perform the necessary research based on the size of your paper, your instructions, as well as the paper type. While doing so, the online essay writer will take notes of all data and its source.

Based on notes, our essay writers in Australia will create an outline. The outline serves to help us craft the right paper structure and organize key information understandably and clearly.

When the outline is ready, your essay writer will proceed to create an initial draft. This draft uses all data found during the research, organized in the form of arguments or statements in individual body paragraphs. The paper starts with an enticing introduction and ends with a concise conclusion.

Our first draft is never our last. We use your instructions and the expertise of our essay writers to make sure that it is accurately written, properly cited, and error-free. We format it based on your instructions. Whether you want an APA or MLA style, we will make it happen for you.

When you receive your order from an online essay writer who works at, you can be sure that everything is as you demanded in your order. You can be sure that it is original and custom instead of borrowed or stolen from other sources. And you can be sure that it will arrive on schedule.

All this is why people choose our essay writers over everyone else.

How we hire our writers

The secret of this company’s success does not lie in our price or our support hours. The fact that we are a cheap source of paper is certainly big, but in the end, the most important thing is our essay writers.
You’re probably wondering – how do we make sure that every online essay writer is a great one?

Since the beginning of this company, we have used the same system to hire essay writers. If an online essay writer who applies to work at this company fails to meet any of our criteria, we don’t hire them. We never make exceptions.

Choosing writers is a hard thing, but it goes beyond this. Those we have already selected need frequent training and observation. This is why in addition to essay writers who work on custom papers, we have also created a quality department that checks the work before it is delivered.

For a person to be accepted to join our team, they have to have the following characteristics:

  • Possess a degree from a University, either Master’s or PhD
  • Have excellent writing and research skills
  • Have experience in writing academic papers (minimum 3 years of writing experience)
  • Is a native English speaker (we make absolutely no exceptions with this rule)
  • Is a dedicated person who is highly attentive to details
  • Can meet short deadlines

Without any of these characteristics, a writer cannot work at our service. Since we guarantee that our customers will get a quality and custom paper before their deadline ends, we need responsible and reliable essay writers to make this happen.

We don’t settle for anything less than a qualified and experienced person. We have looked for such writers for years and created an excellent team. That’s why we can find an expert in any subject at this point. It is also why we can create papers for all academic levels. If you need an urgent paper in just 3 hours, this is why we can find a fitting expert in such a short time.

Check our do’s and don’ts

To deliver constant results, we have set strict rules for our writers. Our essay writers must follow your instructions and ask for clarification if they lack some details. They must send their work to the quality department before submitting it to a customer. They also must use original content and software to check for originality. And, they must meet your deadline regardless of how short it is.

When it comes to don’ts, we have many things that our company never does. We never miss a deadline. We never send out an assignment that shows even a bit of plagiarism. We never skip out on instructions provided by customers. We never steal other people’s work or rewrite another paper and present it as our own.

In this company, the customer is always right. If you feel like we haven’t done you justice, you can call us and request a free revision. We send your paper and wait for your confirmation and approval.


Do you work with non-native essay writers?

No. There isn’t a single writing expert employed at that isn’t a native English speaker. We give you a choice between Australian, UK, and US writers when you place your order.

What kind of education do your writers have?

All writers employed at this company have a Master’s or PhD degree in a selected subject. We only assign a writer to order if they are familiar with the subject and paper type, and available to create it before the deadline.

How long before I get a writer assigned to my order?

This depends on your deadline. If you have an urgent order, we’ll instantly find an available and suitable writer to work on it. If your deadline is longer, we’ll take our time to pick the very best person to do your task based on your instructions and subject. Regardless, your job ends when you send out the order form.