Sports Persuasive Speech Topics: 60 Amazing Ideas to Write About

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Most people love discussing sports and their favorite teams with their friends and family. It’s something that everyone can have a different opinion on, which is why these discussions are often very interesting. Sports connect people both locally and globally. Many fans travel to different countries and learn about new cultures simply because they go abroad to see their favorite team play.

Although it’s fun to talk about sports with your friends, writing a persuasive speech on this topic can be quite challenging. At My-Assignment.Help, we help countless students complete their school assignments on various subjects. Our experience has taught us that coming up with a topic is often one of the most challenging parts of an assignment. That’s why we decided to share a list of persuasive sports topics that you can use.

Students can use the topics on this list and make any changes they see fit to use for their assignments. Although My-Assignment.Help focuses on writing academic essays and research papers, we feel that it’s important for us to help students any way we can. Our team of professional writers has compiled this list of sports persuasive speech topics to ensure that students can easily find inspiration for their assignments online.

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The following are 60 different ideas for persuasive speech topics on sports. Each of them represents an idea from a specific point of view. You may not agree with some of the statements listed below, in which case you can simply take the opposing view and create a speech out of that. Read on to get inspired and decide what you’re going to research for your assignment or hire one of our assignment experts.

List of sports persuasive speech topics

  1. Sports competitions that involve horses, dogs, and other animals should be banned across the world.
  2. American football is an extremely dangerous sport and can frequently lead to brain injuries.
  3. Opioid addiction has become a serious problem in the NFL. Physical injuries sustained during training and matches often lead to painkiller addiction.
  4. College athletes need more free time. They should spend their time in college taking courses, learning new skills, and applying for internships.
  5. Sports may lead to underperformance in class. College athletes don’t focus on their studies as much as they should.
  6. Regular physical activity can positively impact confidence and self-perception. That’s why sports should be a regular part of teenagers’ lives.
  7. Should professional athletes be considered role models for the young? How can professional athletes have a positive impact on children?
  8. Physical activity is the healthiest way to relieve stress. Sports help people of all ages elevate their mood.
  9. Most student athletes consume energy drinks on a regular basis. Energy drinks can lead to a number of serious health problems.
  10. Paintball is safer than American football. More injuries occur on the football field than paintball arenas.
  11. Discrimination against women in sports still exists today. Male athletes make more money than women.
  12. Are some sports too violent for children to participate in? Most notably, boxing and American football.
  13. College students deserve to get paid because they play an important role in giving their school exposure and raking in cash for them.
  14. Racist team names still exist and something needs to be done about that.
  15. Soccer is a popular international sport because it promotes peace and intercultural communication.
  16. The Olympic games should come to an end. They cause many social and economic problems in countries that host them.
  17. Usain Bolt is the greatest athlete in sports history. Discuss his professional achievements to prove the point.
  18. Special Olympics is an incredibly important sports competition and it needs to receive more media coverage.
  19. The WNBA is not nearly as popular as the NBA. Should WNBA players get higher salaries?
  20. Fighting in the NHL should be banned because it can lead to serious long-term injuries.
  21. There are many benefits to exercising during work hours. Companies should allow this practice.
  22. The potentially harmful effects of CrossFit and why this form of exercise is not for everybody.
  23. Swimming is an awesome activity that everybody should take part in at least once a week.
  24. How to become more motivated to reach your fitness goals with the help of a personal trainer.
  25. You don’t need the gym to do a quality workout. You can get a quality workout at home.
  26. Depression and anxiety can lead to bad performance on the field. Discuss the importance of addressing mental health problems in sports.
  27. Can athletes perform at the optimal level if they’re on a vegan diet?
  28. The importance of getting a good night’s sleep for athletes.
  29. Nutrition plays a vital role in overall performance. Good eating habits can help athletes excel at sports.
  30. The stereotype that college athletes are not smart is completely false.
  31. Hockey is the most dangerous out of all sports and leaves a lot of players with serious injuries.
  32. The effect of the 2020 novel coronavirus pandemic on professional sports.
  33. Lack of physical activity among children today is at an alarming level.
  34. Children that don’t engage in physical activity are less likely to work out as adults.
  35. Proper stretching is essential before any workout to minimize the risk of injuries.
  36. Vitamin intake through foods is much better than taking food supplements.
  37. Does social media help promote a healthy lifestyle among the general public?
  38. Soccer is a sport that deserves more attention in the United States.
  39. The effect of the 24-second clock on basketball strategies.
  40. Is Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time? Discuss his achievements.
  41. Colleges spend too much money on their sports programs.
  42. People should exercise every day for at least 15 minutes.
  43. Fans should have a bigger influence over club matters.
  44. Coaches should never be fired after just one season. They should have more time to prove themselves.
  45. Should parents allow their children to participate in any sport they’re interested in?
  46. Sports fans across the world love rooting for the underdogs.
  47. Regular physical activity leads to an improved social life.
  48. Martial arts are an excellent way to learn discipline and increase mental strength.
  49. Athletes should receive salaries based on their performance in the previous season.
  50. Sports competitions have the ability to unite countries.
  51. Alcohol ads during TV sports events need to be banned.
  52. Female athletes are more likely to suffer injuries compared to men.
  53. Parents should be banned from attending their children’s games if they insult coaches or referees from the side-lines.
  54. College athletes should have access to special money management classes.
  55. Social media allowed professional athletes to become more popular and influential than ever before.
  56. The wild card system needs to be implemented in all competitive sports.
  57. Children who live in cities don’t have sufficient space to play various team sports.
  58. Dancing can be an excellent workout for both children and adults.
  59. Zumba classes provide you with a better workout than aerobics and Pilates.
  60. Professional athletes don’t have enough time for their personal life.

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